Silicone hoses : Covers Several Areas

Silicone Hose is extremely durable and looks great and it outperforms standard rubber hose in temperature range, pressure loads and general performance.

Many people simply want great looking hoses under the bonnet. Silicone hose is designed to carry air and coolant.

E.E.M.I has been supplying silicone seals and hoses to the aerospace industry for decades and consequently meets all the stringent safety requirements.
En construction
E.E.M.I has addressed the various requirements and products are available as rigid, heated hoses for installing in control units, or as flexible, heatable laminated hoses

Why should we use it?

Hoses play an important role in many areas. The coolant, fuel, air and in some cases oil are all carried through hoses generally made from rubber which can perish over time.

With a huge range of silicone hoses from E.E.M.I can replace your existing rubber with a product that offers increased reliability and performance.

With the new engine performance pressure and temperature going up day by day.
  • Temperature (C°)

  • Pressure (PSI)