Expiratory Valve : made in France

Adjustable pressure valve fitted with a shutter button when oud'acte therapeutic emergency.

With 2 standard connectors diameter 22 mm, to connect a mask, balloon, filter or tubes with the same diameter interface.

Ø 7 mm standard connector for connection to the therapeutic gas.
Lightweight, total weight 95 gr, sterilizable.

Our product is usually used in operating rooms, recovery, intensive care and emergency.

Extruded tubes and profiles

The tubes and profiles are made of silicone food and medical quality. The hardness of the silicone is 60 Sh but we can propose minimum hardness of 35 or maximum 90 Sh Sh. Standards FDA, UPS, BGA and CEE prerogatives.
Rectangular profiles (mm) du 3 x 4 au 38 x 18.
Round profiles (mm) : ø 3 mm à 0,62 mm.
All colors and materials on request + 450 references of different diameter tubes in standard diameter 0.5 to 70. In addition, we have a wide range of profiles and gaskets in all shapes and cut parts.

  • Valve expiratory

    Pipes and profiles extruded

Examples of use

The WATT-22 valve is a valve UNIDIRECTIONAL: the patient can exhale through the valve without inspiring uncontrolled ambient air.

Even with the valve completely unscrewed (open) position, the inner flap remains lowered. In this case, the balloon is inflated to a pressure no greater than 8 MB, which is very little and is safe for the patient. This allows for the ball always ready to ventilate with both hands without manipulating the valve previously set by the practitioner. Pressing the red button is used only in cases of forced ventilation (eg bronchospasm).

It is possible, as some practitioners do, leaving always unscrewed the valve (open) and operate the shutter button at the same time they break down. The practitioner at the time of dosing ventilation pressure with his own experience.

Hoses, filters and the color oxygen tubes or slides are available on request.

  • Baloon (6 l/min)

  • Baloon (9 l/min)

  • Forced ventilation

  • Forced ventilation

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